Session 1: Using a theory of change in an Agile Sprint 
24 Apr

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Understand how to use a theory of change to frame your research project and deliver rapid policy-relevant change.

Who is this for? 

This is workshop is open to:  

  • Oxford University researchers planning to develop an Agile Sprint  
  • Oxford University researchers working on other applied research projects who wish to learn how to use theory of change in research project design 
  • Previous Agile researchers wishing to review how the theory of change informed their work on an Agile Sprint for use in the future.  

What will you get out of it? 

You do not need to have prior knowledge or experience of developing a theory of change. 

By the end of this workshop, you will understand:  

  1. How a basic theory of change has been used with the initial Agile Sprints and the applicability of the approach to the design of rapid, policy-focused research
  2. How a theory of change will help you scope your research goals, ensure applicability of research findings across a range of stakeholders, and define potential outcomes for the communities most affected by the research
  3. How the theory of change will help you to plan and organise your research, and work through the interrelationships between work packages and how their integration will support planned impact.

“Working through the Theory of Change was a very helpful process. I already had a research timeline mapped out, but the ToC really helped clarify how the findings would be shared through specific outputs, and what these were intended to achieve. This is especially important for fast turnaround, impact-focussed research like the Agile Sprints: we hope the research will have a legacy beyond the Sprint itself, and having a clear Theory of Change helps demonstrate this longer-term ambition.”

Dr John Lynch 


This interactive online workshop will be led by Dr Rachel Hayman, Agile Initiative Programme Manager, and Dr John Lynch, lead on the How can we manage uncertainties in habitat greenhouse gas emissions? Sprint, and researcher on the How do we scale up Nature-based Solutions? Sprint. 


1-2pm on Wednesday 24th April. 

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Please note you will be expected to actively participate, which includes joining discussion, listening, asking questions, and contributing to activities.