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The Agile Initiative is nothing if not ambitious. As well as feeding the best evidence into environmental policy through our own research Sprints, we also want to enable the wider academic community to do the same. We want to create a critical mass of researchers capable of delivering rapid, policy-led research through dedicated training and career development opportunities aligned with the Researcher Concordat.

The UK already has one of the strongest environmental research communities in the world, yet it cannot meet the scale of the environmental challenges that we now face. We need to expand and empower that community, give them the skills to work across disciplines, and react quickly to policy needs. As well as changing the culture so that this essential work is valued in academic recruitment and retention policies.

To achieve this we need you! We offer training in the Sprint approach, summer schools to share experiences and lessons from our Sprints, and other opportunities to learn with us. We are also building our network of interested researchers from Oxford and beyond who may want to work on future Sprints, as well as potential policy partners who have critical questions that they need answers to. Please register your interest and we will get in touch when we have more relevant information or opportunities for you.

Training and career development

Past Events

The Agile Initiative Research Planning workshop series 2024

The Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School ran a series of online workshops on the ‘what,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how’ of the research project design components that underpin Agile Sprints. As part of our ongoing commitment to experimentation and capacity building, these workshops put our learning to date on the research design and planning of our Agile Sprints into practice. Our series covered theory of change, co-creation, interdisciplinarity, Equality Impact Assessments, impact, and Sprint leadership and management. Recordings of this series are available to watch on YouTube:

Summer School 2023

The Agile Initiative at the Oxford Martin School ran a one-week residential Summer School at Oxford University between 10-14 July 2023. There were fifty places available in total for UK-based active researchers in the field at post-doctorate, PhD, DPhil and MPhil levels including a limited number of subsidised places). Find out more about the 2023 Summer School

Other Opportunities

There are other opportunities to engage with policy and build your knowledge of interdisciplinary best practice. Please find below some avenues to explore for University of Oxford researchers; if you are based at another university please contact your own institution for similar opportunities.